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Paulo Jorge Ferreira was born in Lisbon in 1966. He began his musical studies at the age of five with professor José António Sousa. The deep study dedicated to the accordion, with his qualified professor, gave him the opportunity of participating in national and international contests, achieving distinguished classifications. Along his musical learning he attended seminaries directed by some of the most prestigious contemporary accordionists.His accordion course was accomplished in Matono Musical Institute, having posteriorly finished his superior studies in the Castelo Branco Superior School of Applied Arts.

He has performed concerts both national and internationally, namely in France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Macau, Spain and Hungary, and chamber music concerts, playing with highly honoured musicians such as the pianist Maria João Pires and Maestro António Victorino d’Almeida, among others.

He has been invited as a guest musician by symphony and chamber orchestras, for example, Beijin Orchestra, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Porto National Orchestra, Lisboa Sinfonieta, Remix Ensemble, and as a solist with Esart Ensemble and Remix Ensemble working along with famous international conductors, as Stefan Asbury, Jürgen Hempel, Lawrence Foster, Peter Rundel, Martin André, Emílio Pomarico.

He also composes with Pedro Santos an accordion duo (Duo Damian), with Carlos Alves one of accordion and clarinet (Artclac), and a quintet with a string quartet.

Along his musical carrier Paulo Jorge has been participating in several discographic recordings, radio and television programs.

Simultaneously he has also been developing the activity of composer, writing works for solo instruments, chamber music and orchestra. Recently one of his compositions for solo accordion was chosen as a compulsory piece in an accordion contest in the Basque Country.

He lectures in the Applied Arts Superior School in Castelo Branco, in Castelo Branco Regional Conservatory and in National Conservatory in Lisbon. Some of his students and chamber music groups have won first prizes in national and international accordion and chamber music competitions. Paulo Jorge often participates as a jury member in international accordion competitions.

In 2004, it was published a solo cd, "Percursos"


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